23 Best Motivational Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

If you’re not doing well in your motivation (as most of us do!) and require a significant energy boost then why not consider listening to podcasts? They cover a wide range of topics ranging from happiness and health, to productivity, creating new ways of living, and financial achievement.

To gain a deeper understanding of why they are the top motivational podcasts there, get yourself a pair of headphones, or crank up the volume in your car and get yourself ready to take on the world.

23 Best Motivational Podcasts

Personal Growth

It’s not a surprise that the subject of personal development is at the top of the list of the top motivational podcasts. To become your most effective self requires patience, time, effort and a lot of patience. What better way to find inspiration than to listen to any or more of the podcasts?

The Science of Success

Science and psychology collide in this weekly show with host Matt Bodnar. The guests present on The Science of Success vary from neuropsychologists to entrepreneurs , to FBI hostage negotiators as well as mindfulness experts.

The aim this show aims to make you think about your possibilities for success , and to help you discover how to become an improved version of yourself.

The School of Greatness

If you’re stuck in the midst of a slump in your growth or require an extra boost of motivation and confidence to take your life to the next level, Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness will provide everything you require and more.

Through his personal experiences as well as interviews with influential individuals, Howes shares stories about dealing with loss as well as dreaming big and becoming a champion creating wealth and preparing yourself for success with the intention of helping you to find your purpose.

The Verywell Mind Podcast

We’re not going to boast (who is kidding us who actually do like to boast) We do like the verywell mind podcast hosted by our Editor-in-Chief Amy Morin, LCSW, provides great advice on how you can improve your mental health and psychological resilience.

The podcast is filled with inspirational speakers and the weekly “Friday Fix” segment focused on specific issues , as well as quick mental health advice.


Make your commute more enjoyable by listening to bits of inspiration, knowledge and inspiration on ways to improve your health by listening to these podcasts. Find answers to your most frequently asked questions in the time you need to travel from home to work.

TED Talks Health

If you’re unsure about the health of your body, TED Talks Health offers solutions. Each episode is with medical information and researchers on a vast array of subjects. You may be interested in the effects of vaping, sleep, medication or even stinky breath, this show offers something for everyone.

Optimal Health Daily

Sometimes all we require is a quick overview of the most important health-related issues that will inspire us to be more attentive to our own. Through this Optimal Health Daily podcast, you will receive daily doses of information on everything from diets and pesticides, to activated charcoal supplements, exercise, and activated charcoal.

The most exciting aspect? Each episode runs less than 15 minutes long, and the typical running time is 8-10 minutes.

The Maintenance Phase Podcast

The maintenance phase podcast host Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon discuss the scientific basis of this industry of wellness. The podcast’s episodes aim to dispel bogus nutritional advice along with fad diets, fad diets, as well as other health claims that are bogus.

If you’re in search of research-based and well-studied perspectives on the latest trends in wellness, this show will provide an insightful, nuanced examination of a broad range of topics , including diet books and obesity, eating disorders, and much many more. It will make you be able to make better informed choices in the pursuit of health-related trends.


The desire to be happier is something we know. However, it’s your actions that determine the level of happiness you’ll experience in your life. These podcasts will offer you an insight into the daily lives of others and how they’re choosing happiness each day.

The Happier Podcast

If you’ve always wanted to bring more joy into your life If so, the Happier podcast is the perfect choice for you. Host and host Gretchen Rubin, examines your daily routine and the importance they have on the overall quality of your life.

From friendships and work to creativity and productivity, Rubin uses humor and human nature to offer simple advice that will assist you in living a more fulfilling life.

The Good Life Project

The Good Life Project podcast transforms your living room or vehicle, or even your weekend run into intimate conversations among some inspirational famous guests, as well as ordinary people.

Through interviews that include thought-provoking questions Host Jonathan Fields asks guests to talk about something that isn’t filtered from their life and how they’ve transformed those events into powerful messages of optimism and joy.

The Happiness Lab

Yale faculty member Laurie Santos, PhD explores the science behind happiness in the popular podcast the Happiness Lab. The show itself is an adaptation of the psychology course that she is a professor at Yale the school, and is now the most popular course in the history of Yale. Episodes cover a wide range of subjects connected to happiness such as burning out, lingering and guilt.


Maintaining your course is much easier when there is someone to guide you on the path. Find the motivation to keep to your fitness regimen by listening to one of the fitness-related podcasts.

Ali on the Run

All levels of runners will appreciate listening to Ali in the Running. Every week Ali Feller provides listeners a healthy dose of inspiration through her words of wisdom on training hard, running hard and doing whatever it takes to make an emotional and physical sweat. Feller interview guests on all things from marathon training to yoga to wellness and mental health.


If working out can be your “go-to” when stress levels increase, then Emily Abbate’s health and fitness show, Hurdle, is the one for you. Appropriately called, Abbate features people facing difficulties or obstacles in their lives just like we have to face however, with a particular emphasis on how they incorporate health into their daily routines to provide an escape from anxiety and stress.

The thing that makes the podcast among the top is the unique way that Abbate manages to stay true to his beliefs and keep pushing forward, something that is not easily found in the world of fitness.

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