Can a new bed help your insomnia?

One in five of us can’t sleep well most of the night, but instead of blaming work troubles or drinking too much coffee, did you know that your bed might cause you insomnia?

 Studies have found that swapping an uncomfortable old bed for a new bed can bring you benefits. Sleep for 42 minutes every night.

If you feel aches and pains and wake up at night because your bed is uncomfortable, then choose the right mattress, not to mention duvets, pillows, and bedding can give you a good night’s sleep. Follow our guide to buying the right mattress that is best for your new bed.

What sort of mattress is best?

It is recommended that we buy a new mattress every seven to ten years. Nowadays, there are many types to choose from: futon, spring, memory foam, etc. “The mattress you chose it’s my own preference.

 “But it must be comfortable. “Properly test any potential mattresses before buying. The Sleep Commission stated that although we spend about 3,000 hours in bed each year, we spend less than two minutes trying out new mattresses.

“When you go to sleep, lay on the mattress in the same position you usually sleep: on your back, side, or front. Give it some time (about 10 minutes) to find out whether it is comfortable or not.

“Some famous mattress companies, such as Leesa, Simba, and Eve, now offer you to 100-day sleep test to ensure you are 100% comfortable. They want to skip memory foam mattresses, such as night sweats in menopausal women.

There is evidence that memory foam absorbs heat around the body and raises body temperature. Your body temperature naturally drops at night, but if you are too hot, this will reduce your sleep.

 Many newer varieties of memory foam mattresses have changed their materials, so this should help. “Or you can simply add a memory foam cover to your regular mattress. It is wrong for comfort.”

Does the bed frame matter?

If you are investing in a new mattress, it makes sense to upgrade the frame at the same time. The Sleep Commission warned that the old foundation may “shorten the life of the new mattress.”

Whether you choose a sofa bed, a wooden frame, a sled, or a bed with storage, you should feel comfortable.

But I drew a line on those beds where the TV came out at the end. Falling asleep while watching TV is not good to sleep hygiene.

What about the duvet?

Although it feels great to snuggle in a thick duvet, if it is too hot, it can interfere with your sleep. If your partner likes thick duvets and you always pull the blanket away, this may cause sleep and interpersonal problems.

 One solution might be wool duvets. According to the University of Leeds Researchers that wool duvets help regulate our temperature better than feathers, down, or polyester bedding.

They say that wool fibers absorb water from our bodies more efficiently and help maintain the “microclimate” around everyone. If your bed is big enough, you can have a separate duvet. Also check the combination grade on the duvet-the lower the grade, the lower the temperature.

Whether you choose a duvet or a synthetic quilt is purely a matter of choice and how much you can afford. When buying a new duvet or mattress, try a variety of pillows.

Again, which type you choose depends on personal preference, but “you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a comfortable one,” McGuinness said.

Should I invest in bed linen?

Your bed should be a comfortable place where you want to kill time. It is the key to fighting insomnia.

 If you choose cotton, the general rule of thumb is that the higher the number of threads, the better the quality of insomnia.

Polyester bed sheets or polyester-cotton blended fabrics last longer, but they are not as breathable as cotton, so you may feel damp when you wake up insomnia.

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