How do you get rid of a headache in 10 seconds?

Feeling the pain and discomfort of suffering from migraines is very common. If you’re seeking a more accessible and more natural method to alleviate your headache. Then you might consider the use of pressure points and acupressure.

The pressure points are regions of the body thought to be more sensitive, capable of stimulating release within the body. Therefore The practitioners of reflexology which is a field of Chinese medicine. To believes that pressing to pressure points specific method could:

  • Improve your overall health
  • relieve discomfort
  • help restore balance to the body

Reflexology is the study of how a part of your body is link to another. So That means that you may need to massage a different area (like your hands to heal a specific amount of your body, like your head. So You’ll look for the appropriate locations to alleviate the discomfort.

If you’d like to know more about treating headaches by using this method. You must know how to treat it properly. We’ll explain what the scientific evidence says and give you some pressure points to test next time your head starts to hurt.

What is the science behind headache and pressure points?

There isn’t much research that supports the application of reflexology to treat headache. The research we have limit and should be further developed.

However, a handful of studies have looked at how massage therapy for the shoulders and the head helps relieve headaches. Sometimes, this involves the stimulation of pressure points in the head.

In a small study published in 2002Trusted Source Researchers looked at the effects of massage on four adults suffering from persistent tension-related headaches Two to three times a week for up to six months.

In the study, massages helped reduce the number of headaches experienced by every subject in one week after treatment. After the treatment period, the average number of headaches experienced dropped from around seven per week to only two headaches per week.

The average subject’s headache length was also reduce by half throughout treatment time. Between an eight-hour average to four hours on average.

In a more recent but slightly more extensive study. Researchers looked at how 10 hours of intense massage sessions spread out over two weeks could cause 21 women to suffer from chronic headache.

Like the smaller study, participants were treate to massages by certified massage professionals. So The effects of massages were further studied over longer-term time frames.

Researchers from this study discovered that the ten intense massage sessions decreased the frequency of headaches. Their duration, and the severity of headaches.

Do you suffer from migraines also? So Some studies have focused on the stimulation of pressure points for migraine relief.

How can you make use of pressure points to ease headache

ow can you make use of pressure points to ease headache

There are several known pressure points on the body that are believe to relieve headache. So These are the locations they’re located and how you can utilize these points:

The points of union valley are situate in the web that runs between your index and thumb.

For treating headaches:

  1. Start by pinching the region with your index and the thumb fingers of the opposite hand, firmly but not too painfully, for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Then, create small circles using your thumb in one direction. Then in the opposite direction, for 10 seconds at a time.
  3. Repeat the same process on this point on the Union Valley point on your opposite hand.

This kind of treatment for pressure points is believe to ease tension in the neck and the head. So Headaches frequently cause stress.

Bamboo drilling

Drilling bamboo points can found in the indentations on both sides of the place where the nose bridge joins the eyebrows’ ridge. These pressure points can use to alleviate headaches:

  1. Use both fingers to apply pressure simultaneously to both ends.
  2. Could you keep it for 10 seconds?
  3. Repeat the release and repetition.

By rubbing these pressure points. So You will help ease headaches caused by strain in the eyes and sinus discomfort and pressure.

Gates of consciousness

Pressure points for the gates of consciousness are situate at the top of the skull within the hollows parallel to the neck’s two muscles. To utilize those pressure points

  1. Place your middle and index fingers of your hands on the pressure points.
  2. Make sure to press firmly upwards on both sides simultaneously for 10 seconds. Then let go and repeat.

A firm, gentle touch on these pressure points can ease headaches that are cause by neck tension.

The third eye point can be located between your two eyebrows, where the bridge on your nose joins your forehead.

  1. Utilize your index finger on your hand to apply pressure to the area for a minute.

The firm tension applied at the pressure point is believe to alleviate sinus pressure and eye strain, which can cause headaches.

The shoulder well can be foun near the outer edge of your shoulder. Therefore It is halfway between your shoulder’s point and the point at which your neck is located.

  1. Make use of the thumb of one thumb to exert firm circular pressure on this point for a minute.
  3. Switch and repeat on the other side.

Firmly rubbing the pressure point on your shoulder can ease stiffness in your shoulders and neck and alleviate headaches due to this kind of tension.

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