How to Stay Healthy and Motivated This Summer

It’s the peak of summer, and let’s face it, you don’t wish to be in the office. You’re probably thinking about beach vacations, swimming pools and barbecues, and your work productivity will likely fall. In reality, 25% of employees find themselves less productive in summer, in July, and the month of August.

However, don’t worry about it. We have a few suggestions to aid you in staying focused and healthy throughout the summer.

Stay Organized

It’s easy to become distracted when your workspace and to-do lists are chaotic. It’s time to clean your digital and physical spaces organized. Clear the clutter from your desk and make your notes more streamlined. This will boost your mental health but also aids in focusing and reducing stress.

Get Moving

The summer months are extremely scorching here in New Mexico. This makes it difficult to be outdoors during the week. Try to eliminate the summer heat by adding a run or walk to your daily routine. This can help you kick-start your day, provide an energy boost, and put you in a more positive mood. In the day, attempt to engage in an activity or two and take small breaks. It’s as easy as doing a few sprints or squats. You can also stroll around, even inside, while you make a call. The blood flow will make you feel conscious, alert and driven.

Switch It Up

Are you tired of the same look at your workstation? If you’re using a laptop, you can try standing or sitting elsewhere. Consider a cool, outdoors space; move around or into the more open area. It’s also helpful to shake the routine.

If you have breakfast at your desk, Try enjoying your breakfast somewhere else before getting started at your work. If you are accustomed to taking breaks each day, think about changing the time you take a break (and what you do during this time).

Practice Healthy Habits

You’ve likely heard it many times, yet it’s crucial to drink plenty of fluids, particularly during the hot summer months. Being hydrated won’t just improve your energy levels but also rid yourself of toxins and boost your immunity.

It’s also important to have healthy, balanced meals throughout the day (and all the time). There’s nothing worse than a sugar crash following a meal that includes tempting sweets. Do your best to incorporate more protein, fibre and healthy fats, and you’ll be able to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to be at your peak.

Set Achievable Goals

Work can often seem overwhelming–especially when you’d rather be on a boat. It’s beneficial to break down your tasks into manageable chunks. Crossing things off your list of things to do more often can make you feel satisfied and inspired to carry on.

Take a look ahead of the road and contemplate the things you’d like to achieve within your profession. What are you hoping to be in the next five or a year? Could you write it down in a notebook? Down your goals and begin to take action to reach them.

Take Time Off

The most dangerous thing you can do is force yourself to complete the summer months with no real breaks. Even the fact that Covid-19 is affecting your travel plan, it is best to make sure to take advantage of your vacation time. You might want to take some relaxing or enjoy some long weekend breaks–anything you can do to refresh.

You can also organize more informal, fun activities that will provide you with something to anticipate, like making some gourmet food on the grill, holding a huge water balloon race or even exploring new places.

Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t suffer from summer-related FOMO. If you do decide to go out during the summer sun, be sure you’re wearing plenty of sunscreens. Working with burning sunburn isn’t going to help your motivation.

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