Close-up of female eye. Concepts of laser eye surgery or visual acuity check-up

Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis shortly known “Lasik” is a surgical procedure for the cure of short sightedness. Short sightedness is the physiological phenomena in which due to the naturally larger size of eye ball the image of the object is formed behind the Retina in the eye which should be formed at retina in a normal eye ball. In common words, people with short sightedness can clearly see near objects but cannot see far objects without help from spectacles or contact lens. Short sightedness is the most common eye pathology find in young adults.
In this surgery, the naturally pathological lens is replaced by synthetic correct sighted lens. This will lead to a healthier life without need of glasses. The need to wear glasses is a type of disability up to some extent in itself that you cannot perform your daily chores without help from your spectacles. Sometimes them you cannot even fulfill tiniest tasks without glasses and highly dependent on them for chores such as cannot even read signs on road or the stuff written on black board in the classroom. Lasik is quite the solution to this problem!

It is another one of the most popular surgical procedure among people of age group 20-40 years nowadays except plastic surgeries. Especially in college going students. Nowadays majority of the youth do not want to wear glasses despite of their short sightedness. People would rather suffer in silence by not wearing glasses then to be bullied by others being called “NERD” for wearing spectacles. Glasses are among one of the reason for low self-esteem in youth. Another solution for short sightedness rather than glasses is to wear contact lens which can also give a cool looking colored eyes with correction of eye sight number. It may be suitable for some people but mostly for busy people wearing contact lens and maintaining its hygiene is not a piece of cake for everyone. Lasik is the ultimate savor for these people.

Despite being such a helpful surgery it has some limitations. It is an expensive surgery not everyone can afford it. It cost up to 390-435$. It also age limitations. Very young or very old aged people should not go through this procedure. It is only the suitable cure for short sighted no. from -4 to -12. It might not be an effective therapeutic procedure for shortsightedness more than -12. So only rich and young short sighted people can opt for this surgery.
This procedure is only being introduced about 20-25 years ago and no data about its long term side effects has not been recorded yet. One thing is for sure that despite being the most popular sight correcting surgery it is not a permanent solution. There is always a slight chance that your even your artificial lens will get short sighted again. There are some precautions which should be done after the surgery to make it long term effective such as lesser screen time, adequate sleeping hours and healthy eating habits include more of green vegetables and fruits in your diet so that you can lead a glasses-free life!

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