Simple Ways to Unlock A Frozen Car Door Lock

Car owners are aware that winter can trigger many issues. Many things could happen to a vehicle in winter, from engine problems to dangerous traffic conditions and many more. Although it’s not as severe as other issues, Simple Ways to Unlock A Frozen Car Door Lock.

8 Simple Ways to Unlock A Frozen Car Door Lock

Put a magnet on the lock

One way to keep the lock from freezing applying a magnet to the keyhole. Most magnets work so long as the size is enough to cover the keyhole completely.

All you have to do is put the interest on top of the lock after you exit your vehicle. When you return to your car, you can throw the magnet into your bag or pocket to use later.

Make use of WD-40

WD-40 is highly effective in keeping the lock on your car clean and free of frost. Just spray a small amount into the lock, and it’ll stop the build-up of frost and ice for a few days. While you’re at it, you might want to spray some into the trunk lock too.

Unlocking a vehicle door lock

Okay. Let’s say that you don’t have a magnetic lock or WD-40 in your arsenal, and the lock on your car is frozen…what should you do?

There are several easy solutions to try, some of which could be efficient enough not to require a locksmith professional.

Sanitize your key

Hand sanitizers are high in alcohol content that does not just stop them from freezing but also allows them to melt ice too.

 Apply a small amount of the gel onto your key, ensure that it covers both sides and then it will open your locked door after a couple of turns.

Make sure you have your key lubricated

Petroleum jelly is a potent oil that can quickly change the key inside the lock. It may take longer than applying hand sanitizer, but it’s generally effective.

Cover your key with a tiny amount of petroleum jelly before turning the lock slowly in both directions.

Warm-up your key

Just heating your keys with lighters could be enough to free the lock. If your safety has become frozen, you might have to heat the critical several times.

Like other techniques, do not rush the process by turning the key both ways slow. You will likely melt the ice within only a couple of minutes.

Keep de-icing spray handy

The commercially-available de-icing spray is even more effective than the solutions mentioned above.

 Of course, putting it inside the glove compartment of your car isn’t going to do much. So, make sure you keep an extra bottle at home or your office desk.

Breath in…and out

If you don’t can use any of the options mentioned earlier, and your breath is all you need to break the lock on your car door.

 Place your hands in a cup around the safety and breathe through it for a couple of minutes. It is possible to repeat this procedure several times. However, the lock should be able to thaw after a few minutes.

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