Some Basic COVID-19 Questions and Answers

As the number of countries infected with the coronavirus known as Covid-19 increases in the world. New questions are raise in the minds of the common man about this condition. There are Some Basic COVID-19 Questions and Answers.

As the virus transmits from one person to another person through coughing and gathering. It’s important to wash your hands with hand sanitizer, or hot water and cleanser, and avoid touching your face.

Also, you should avoid contact with anyone who has a cough, cold, or fever. Anyone who thinks they are infected with the coronavirus should contact their doctor immediately.

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One week ago I lost my sense of smell and taste, is this a sign of the coronavirus?

A doctor in the UK (Nose, ear, and throat specialist) noticed that complaints of anosmia have increased in a few couples of days.

And more and more people are complaining of loss of sense of smell and taste on social media, and some have tested positive for the coronavirus. But so far there’s no hard testament. And the common freeze can engender a temporary loss of smell or taste or both.

I am at risk and the nurse needs to come to take care of me, can they come to my house?

It can continue if the person has no symptoms of the coronavirus. Anyone who comes to your home should wash their hands with detergent and water for 20 seconds before and during your entry and exit. In addition, they should maintain a distance of 2 meters or 6 feet from you.

What should a pregnant woman in the home do about self-inflicted loneliness if she develops symptoms of Covid-19? 

If anyone in your home develops symptoms of the coronavirus, the British government recommends that those at risk, pregnant women or people over the age of 70, isolate themselves for 14 days.

If this is not possible, stay as far away from the person with the symptoms as possible. There is no evidence yet that pregnant women and their babies are at greater risk from the coronavirus. But officials say they need to be more careful.

Some Basic COVID-19 Questions and Answers

What is the duration of care for the coronavirus?

Scientists say that COVID 19 takes five to seven days to show her symptoms. But in some people, Their symptoms appear too late.

The World Health Organization says the virus stay up to 14 days, but some researchers say it can take up to 24 days.

It is important to know and understand the duration of care. Because It has helped doctors and health officials find ways to stop the spread of the COVID19 virus.

Does recovering from the coronavirus mean surviving it?

It is too early to say. Humans have been infected with the virus since last December. But based on past experiences with other viruses and coronavirus types, you should have antibodies inside you that can digest the virus. ۔

SARS and other coronaviruses have not been re-infect. According to reports from China, the people discharged from the hospital have tested positive again, but we are not sure about these tests either.

However, the important thing is that these people are no longer the cause of the spread of infection.

Some Basic COVID-19 Questions and Answers

What does self-isolation mean?

Self-isolation means staying at home for 14 days, during which time the person does not go to school or work or any public place and during this time he also avoids using public transport.

He also stays away from his family and others people during self-isolation. You should also need to stay away from your pets, friend, and others, during this time and if it is not possible, Then wash your hands before and after meeting them.

What should I do if my roommate adopts self-isolation?

The UK’s National Health Service says. People who are self-isolation to isolate should only allow to live with people who already live with them.

It also says that anyone suspected of having the coronavirus should have minimal contact with others in the home.

Any share crockery and utensils should be thoroughly cleaned after use. And bathroom and shared use surfaces should also be thoroughly cleaned. 

What is the risk to children from the coronavirus?

According to Chinese statistics, coronavirus is relatively rare in children in general.

This may be because they can eliminate the infection or they have no symptoms or only very mild symptoms such as colds. 

How dangerous is this virus for asthma patients?

Viruses such as the coronavirus, which causes respiratory illness, can increase asthma symptoms.

About asthma, the British Institute for Asthma UK advises people who are concerned about the virus to follow a few guidelines to control their asthma.

Some Basic COVID-19 Questions and Answers

If one of your office mates has been quarantined for coronavirus, should you also be in quarantine?

In this regard, several organizations have taken precautionary measures against the coronavirus and asked the staff to work from home. The decision was made after some employees of the companies returned from the affected countries after showing symptoms of the coronavirus.

But the British agency Public Health England (PHE) says. Staff does not need to be sent home from work. Because the results of most suspect cases are negative. The British Health Organization does not recommend closing offices even if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus.

The British authorities only recommend self-imposed quarantine to:

Awaiting test results for coronavirus

  • Who have had close contact with confirmed victims
  • Who have recently visited the affected countries
  • Can people who already have pneumonia become infected with the coronavirus?

This new coronavirus can cause very few people to develop pneumonia. Only those whose lungs are already weak or damaged are at risk. But because it is a new type of coronavirus and no one is immune to it. This new virus can cause any kind of lung disease or pneumonia.

The World Health Organization says it may take up to 18 months for a vaccine against the coronavirus to become available.

Is the coronavirus more harmful than the flu?

It is too early to compare the two diseases directly, but we know that both viruses are extremely dangerous.

On average, a person infected with the coronavirus transmits the infection to two to three other people. While those infected with the flu pass it on to almost another person.

Can the coronavirus be spread by touching window and door handles?

If an infected person puts his hands over his mouth while coughing. Then touches something. He becomes infected on the surface. Door handles are a good example of where this virus can found.

However, it is not yet known how long this new coronavirus can survive at such levels. Experts say it lasts for hours instead of days. But it is better to wash your hands regularly to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Do weather and temperature affect the spread of the coronavirus?

We still have to need a lot to research about this virus. It is not yet clear whether climate change or temperature changes will affect its spread. 

Few other viruses, such as the flu, adapt to climate change as it increases in winter.

Some research on Mars and other similar viruses shows that they affect by climatic conditions that spread more rapidly during the warmer months.

Can you become infected with the food prepared by an infected person?

If a person infect with the coronavirus prepares food and does not take care of hygiene and hygiene in the meantime, another person may be infect. 

Coronavirus can increase by putting your hand over your mouth during a cough. If the infected person does not wash their hands properly and prepare food, the chances are higher.

Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly before touching food and before eating to prevent the spread of germs.

If you have been infected with the coronavirus once, does your resistance to the virus increase?

When people recover from an infection or disease, they have some memory in their body to fight the disease again. However, this immune process is not always lasting or fully effective and may diminish over time.

Is a face mask effective against the virus and how often should it be replaced?

There is very little evidence that wearing a face mask makes a difference. Experts say that it is more effective to wash your hands regularly before moving your hands close to your mouth.

Can the coronavirus be sexually transmitted?

It is not yet clear that COVID 19 also transited through Sex. Currently, coughs and sneezes are thought to be the main cause of the virus.

Has the person infected with the coronavirus fully recovered?

Yes. Most of the people who became infected with the coronavirus and showed mild symptoms of the disease are expected to fully recover.

However, it can be a special risk for elderly people who already have diseases. Such as diabetes, cancer, or a weakened immune system.

An expert from China’s National Health Commission says. It may take a week for minor symptoms of the coronavirus to heal.

Can the coronavirus be transmitted through goods purchased from Wuhan and shipped to other countries?

Some diseases, including the coronavirus, can grow from the surface where they infect after coughing or sneezing. But it is thought that the virus does not survive long. Anything sent by mail is not likely to contaminate until it reaches its destination.

Is it possible to treat COVID 19 with a vaccine?

There is currently no vaccine that can protect people from this type of coronavirus, but researchers are working on it. It is a new disease that has never been seen before in humans. Which means doctors still have a long way to go. 

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