Things You Can Do to Avoid Actually Needing to Dust

You’ve got your bath and kitchen routine down. You’ve put clever methods in place to manage the clutter. The biggest enemy to an organized home? It’s Dust.

It’s as if regardless of the task you tackle or the frequency with which you wash. There’s always Dust that’s waiting to settle the surfaces of the house. That’s exactly what’s happening. Dust is a natural product of living.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all dead skin. Therefore Most household dust is made up of pollen, dirt, and other outside particles. Therefore, this is possible to avoid it if you’re savvy about it.

How to reduce the amount of Dust in the Your Home

Here’s how to stop Dust from consuming your living space at the minimum effort and let you avoid dusting for a few days.

Keep It Out

Because most Dust gets in from the outside, an effective defense is your best defense in this case. So Close your doors and windows whenever you can.

 You should adhere to a no-shoes rule inside and purchase a top-quality mat (like this one from Wayfair) to place at the entrance to your home.

Make sure your pet is groomed in a clean space

Brushing regularly (and even petting) your furry friend can result in Dust and hair. That’s an errand.

 If you frequently groom them outdoors or in a space that is easy to clean. Such as your bathroom, then you will significantly reduce the amount of cleaning.

Take care of your packing materials and paper

Fabric and papers contribute to Dust, which is a part of the household, too. Be sure to avoid throwing clothes around the house as much as possible and keep the clothes and linens you don’t use away in an organized box.

 Recycle regularly newspapers, magazines, and cardboard boxes. Or better, take the items outside. If you have space and dispose of containers on the curb, not within your dining room.

Change your sheets often

Between the fibers of the fabric of your sheets and dirt particles that make up your skin. So the mattress is a spit-producing machine.

 Ensure that your bedding and sheets are as clean as you can by washing your sheets regularly and making sure you clean cushions ( they can go into the washer!). Comforter, and mattress pads every month or every two months.

Make use of a vacuum with HEPA Filter

If you do have to clean, do not create a mess. A vacuum with HEPA or a high-efficiency particle air filter will effectively trap Dust and allergens in the machine and prevent their release into the air.

Get an Air Purifier

There is equipment that catches and collects Dust. They do the work for you. So It is vital to ensure that the air purifier (like the vacuum) comes with a HEPA filter. That you place it near your windows or doors for the best dust-dodging.

The Wire cutter suggests the Coway air purifier could reduce the amount of airborne particulate matter. That gets into the air on average by 85 percent in their tests.

How to Reduce Dusting Work

If you decide to get rid of your Dust the floor. Here are some helpful ways to make the job take less effort.

Line tall surfaces with newspaper

The most difficult-to-reach places, such as tall bookshelves or the tops of kitchen cabinets. So it can be a nightmare to Dust. So don’t. Cover the area with newspaper, recycle it and change it often.

Cut and de-clutter Fabrics

Simple as that: The more trinkets, knick-knacks, and trinkets have in your home. Therefore The more difficult it will be to get them cleaned. Therefore, get rid of as much clutter as you can if you aim to prevent dusting.

It is also recommended to reduce the number of your fabrics to what’s essential as they not only hold Dust but also produce Dust.

Clean Your Blinds with a Sock

The other sock of chenille slips over your palm and then uses your fingers to push in the grooves on your vertical blinds. You’ll be amazed by how Dust you’ll be able to get into fast.

Make use of a Dryer Sheet to dust your baseboards

A dryer sheet (new as well as used) is better at capturing Dust than cloth. Place one on your baseboards, and observe the speed at which it draws dust particles.

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