Top 5 Common Foods that Can Cause Constipation

Constipation can affect one of 3 American adults. Women and those over the age of 65 are the most susceptible. Constipation is often described as:

  • Averaging less than three daily bowel movements
  • Stools that are dry or hard
  • The feeling that the stool isn’t completely passed
  • Stools that are difficult or difficult to pass

It is possible to experience gas, bloating, or abdominal discomfort due to your irregular bowel movements.

A few changes to your diet will go a long way in helping you to feel more comfortable. Be aware that these food items can cause constipation issues.

Occasionally, a delicious red meat burger or steak is a great supplement to your diet. However, eating red meat regularly can cause constipation. Red meat is devoid of fiber. Fiber is important as it increases stool volume, allowing it to move through your system without difficulty.

Furthermore, if your diet is filled with red meat that can be very filling, you will eat fewer fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (all high in fiber foods) in the process.

Many cuts of red meat have high levels of iron and fat. These are two elements that cause constipation.

1.     Dairy

The proteins in cow’s milk are usually related to loose stools or diarrhea; however, research suggests that some people are constipated due to milk (or different dairy) consumption.

Try a dairy substitute like almond or soy milk to determine if you notice improvements in your constipation symptoms. Reduce your intake of butter and cheese in case you discover dairy triggers.

2.     Refined grains

The refined grains, like white bread, snack crackers that are processed, and white rice, contain a lot (or the majority) in terms of fiber sucked from them. When you consume them in place of whole grains rich in fiber, your bowel function suffers.

The USDA suggests eating at least 6 ounces of whole-grain daily following a 2200-calorie diet. Therefore, you can substitute 100% whole wheat bread in place of white slices and brown or quinoa rice as a substitute for white rice.

3.     Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates. If there are not enough fluids within your body, your stool gets harder and smaller, making them difficult to go through. Alcohol can also hinder digestion, irritate the bowel, and cause constipation to worsen.

 Limit yourself to 1 drink per day recommended for women or two drinks daily for males. If you suffer from severe constipation issues, avoid drinking alcohol completely or reserve it for occasions when you need to be more careful.

4.     Fast food

In most fast food establishments, White buns with fries are the standard. Burgers and patties of chicken fried in these buns are very high in fat. The entire meal is poor in fiber.

 Foods that are fried and those with low fiber can cause constipation. So Include them as a regular food item in your diet, and you could be the cause at the very least of your constipation.

Choose turkey burgers or the lean ground beef burgers you can cook at home using 100 100% all-wheat buns. If you can, look for restaurants that serve sweet potato fries since they’re high in fiber and are more nutritious than white fries.

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