What Is the Evil Eye of Protection?

Evil eye refers to the belief that some people may hurt others by gazing into their eyes in a particular manner.

Someone who gives another the evil eye could deliberately cause harm or accidentally envy the person he is looking at. The victim’s victim could suffer consequences such as bad luck generalized, diseases, or even death.


To know the evil eye meaning, you must first know the evil eye comes in many shapes and sizes, but ultimately, people share one meaning on evil eye and all used for the same purpose: 


But what is evil eye protection? It is the eye of a hostile glance. It is believed that a hostile glance can hurt someone.

This glance can be related to envy, jealousy, anger, malice, revenge, vengeance, disgust, mockery, or mistrust.

So, the evil eye meaning stretches across the boundaries of protecting one from getting harmed by the eye of hostile glace.


Many are believers in the concept of evil-eye and have tried to discover ways to shield their loved ones and themselves from the evil eye.

Alan Dundes, a folklorist, affirms the truth that the concept of evil eyes isn’t simply a fable that has been passed over. Dundes says it influences certain behaviors in some societies all over the globe.

Undoubtedly, an extremely well-known protection method against evil eyes is wearing jewelry. Learn why this is so.

 We will also provide information on three additional protection strategies that different cultures have adopted.

Wearing jewelry with the Evil Eye:

Wearing the Evil Eye symbol can be believed sufficient to guard against an evil gaze. This is typically accomplished by wearing jewelry with an evil eye that has come to be a fashion statement for both non-believers and believers.

Usually, in jewelry, the evil eye appears white and blue. However, various colors can be utilized for different meanings.

For instance, the orange hue can symbolize security and motivation, happiness, imagination, and fun. Dark blue symbolizes fate and karma protection, while light blue can be used for general protection.

Dark green symbolizes joy, red encourages courage, brown ensures the connection with the natural world, and yellow promotes health.

Grey protects against sadness, white to focus, and pink is for the safety of friendships. It can also be put in various jewelry that includes evil eye bands, bracelets, and other accessories.

Mirror Talisman:

The Mirror Talisman is due to mirrors’ reflective properties. Many believe they can bounce bad luck back at the person who sent it.

This belief leads some to install mirrors on their doors and other rooms frequently used within their homes to keep away bad luck.

Coconut Rituals:

Coconut rituals include getting the coconut and smashing it down. The coconut represents bad luck and the evil eye that has cursed you. The process is usually performed in a “pure” environment, including an altar or chapel.

The goal is to crush the coconut in as many places from your home as possible to make sure the bad luck doesn’t pull toward you.

Magnet Cleanses:

Some traditions consider that a magnet cleanse can effectively help to draw the negative luck off you. The practice involves placing the magnet on your body, from your head to your toes.

The legend says that you should then ignite the magnet to get rid of your evil eyes and everything evil it can bring.

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