Will Eating Tiger nut Butter Make You Healthier?

Superfood” is a consumer-friendly marketing term commonly used by influential people, celebrities, and some health experts to describe a Tigernut Butter that is expected to promote health in many ways.

Although classic superfoods include established foods such as avocados and blueberries, it seems that every year new exotic foods make their debut in the superfood field. One of the hottest superfood trends recently is tiger nuts.

If you buy tiger nut butter in the market, you may have heard that this is a spread that can satisfy popular diet plans, such as Whole30 and the original diet.

This is due to the fact that tiger nuts are not actually nuts, said Jackie Nugent of RDN, a senior plant-cooking dietitian and author of “Clean and Simple Diabetes Recipes”.

A Primer on Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are “chewy little tubers that look like crumpled chickpeas, with a mild earthy nutty flavor and a hint of sweetness,” Nugent said. Scientifically called Cyperus esculentus, according to NPR, they are one of the oldest food sources known to mankind. The key reason.

 Tiger nuts not only have nothing to do with tigers but also do not belong to the hard-shelled fruit family.

They are vegetables that grow under the roots of plants,” said Keri Gans, a nutrition consultant and author of the book “Small Diet Changes.” Gans said other more familiar root vegetables include potatoes and carrots.

Tigernut Butter: Where to Buy It and How to Make It

Newgent explained that the demand for “allergen-free foods” may be the reason why tiger nuts are popular and why tiger nut butter may become one of the main foods in 2021. Gans said:

“With the rise of plant-based or plant-based diets, it is natural for it to gain popularity right now.” You can buy a can of tiger nut butter at your local health food store or order it online.

 The family brand Roots is completely focused on root vegetables, offering simple, full-flavored varieties (including carob, honey, and cinnamon).

Making this pasta at home by mixing tiger nut powder and oil is also relatively easy for food processors.

 “I do this with sunflower oil or avocado oil,” he said. “In a more traditional way, it is made by mixing tiger skin that has been drained and soaked in water with a little oil.

If you buy it in a jar, it can add with salt or flavoring agents, such as vanilla extract. “

Inspiration for Eating Tiger nut Butter

It is eaten in the same way as any nut butter. Gans recommends spreading it on toast or apples or mixing it with oatmeal or yogurt. “Due to its natural sweetness, it is also effective in baking,” Newgent added.

She uses it to make Thai sauces, “I like to mix it with noodles”. A homemade “Powerball” chocolate bite made of dates, coconut flour, cocoa powder, and tiger nut paste.

Is Tiger nut Butter Healthy?

What makes Tigernut a candidate for a superfood? Gans said they are rich in fiber, monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants. Which can help improve digestion and libido and improve overall heart health.

 From a nutritional point of view, tiger nut butter is very impactful and can improve your health in many ways. Here are some possible health benefits of tiger nut butter.

 Tiger nut butter may help reduce the risk of heart disease Tiger nuts contains monounsaturated fats. It is “also known as good fats, which help reduce the risk of heart disease,” Gans explains.

An earlier study pointed out that when added to food, ground tiger nuts can effectively reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Which is a key way to improve cardiovascular health.

 Newgent explained that this may be due to the plant sterols in the tubers. It “can interfere with the absorption of cholesterol. Phytosterols belong to the same family as cholesterol, but they come from plants rather than animals.

 According to an article published on Nutrients in September 2018, humans do not absorb them regularly. So when they absorb, they can offset animal cholesterol and effectively eliminate damage.

Tiger nut Butter Might Improve Gut Health

Gans said tiger nuts are a good source of fiber. The same goes for Tigernut butter: Roots’ classic Tigernut butter contains 3 grams per tablespoon.

Moreover, although fiber cannot be digeste, it is an important aid in digestion. “Eating tiger nuts is related to gut health,” Nugent explained. “The tuber contains insoluble fiber, which allows you to defecate, and enzymes can help you control gas.”

Tiger nut Butter Supports Your Immune System

Gans explains that tiger fruit is known to have antioxidant properties. Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and E,” he said, “can help strengthen our immune system.

 Most superfoods contain Antioxidants, they are usually the key to their superpower claims. Studies have shown that antioxidants play a role in fighting diseases, supporting immunity, and reducing chronic inflammation.

Tiger nut Butter May Help Increase Libido

Newgent says tiger nut butter can also help improve your sex life. According to a study published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies in September 2015.

They are traditionally use in the Middle East to stimulate male sexual arousal. Researchers tested the effects of tiger nuts as an aphrodisiac on male rats and found that

when these tubers were taken, they had a positive effect on their mating behavior. Which not only increased their sexual desire but also improved their sexual performance.

However, it is not clear whether the answer is the same as that of humans. More rigorous research is need.

Potential Disadvantages of Eating Tiger nut Butter

Although tiger nut butter has many claimed health benefits, they are not the perfect health food.

Their nutritional status is not perfect. On the one hand, Gans said: “Their protein content is lower than other real nuts, such as almonds and pistachios.

 Therefore, if you choose to add protein to plant-based dishes, you may end up with less protein than you think. The same is true when comparing tiger nut butter with other nut butter.

A tablespoon of Root Classic Butter Tiger Nuts has only 1 gram (g) of protein. By comparison, peanut butter is about 3.6 grams per tablespoon and almond butter is about 3.4 grams, as in the United States.

As pointed out by the Department of Agriculture, Nugent said that tiger nuts also contain anti-nutrients. Basically, they interfere with cholesterol absorption in the same way. They can also do the same with good things, “This will have a negative effect on nutrient absorption. influences.

Butter tiger nuts are easy to overeat, so if you want to maintain or lose weight, eat in moderation.

A tablespoon of tiger nut butter has about 100 calories,” Gans said. Tiger nut butter can be expensive and difficult to find. Only a few brands of OnStar offer tiger nut butter. And unless you live near a specialty store, you may need to buy a can online.

 Roots seem to be one of the only retail logos. In addition, tiger nut butter may not be cheap for everyone. “It is relatively expensive, so if you have a tight budget, it is not an ideal choice,” Nugent said.

 For example, a 7.5-ounce can of Root Classic price at $15.99. While an 8-ounce bottle of Paleo Tiger Crunchy Tiger Nut Butter price at $16.99 on Etsy.

The Health Experts’ Verdict: Should You Give Tiger nut Butter a Try?

Despite the disadvantages of tiger nut butter and no food is truly “super”, our two nutrition experts recommend trying this fashionable combination.

You have no reason not to explore flavors and decide for yourself whether to include tiger nut butter as part of your general dietary choices,” Gans said.

Newgent added that the potential health benefits of tiger nut butter are enough to add it to your diet, especially if you need a peanut or nut substitute that is not harmful to allergies.

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