Dental Tips for Kids: How to Start Health Habits Young

Parents, teaching their children to maintain their oral health is a good idea from the beginning. The way your child takes good care of their teeth could significantly influence their overall health and well-being, for your child to have an attractive, healthier smile and learn how to follow Advantage Care Health Centers’ dental advice for children.

Teaching Positive Oral Hygiene Habits to Your Child

Brushing and Flossing

Start brushing the baby’s teeth as soon as you notice the first sign of having an infant’s toothbrush. Use water and a small portion of toothpaste with fluoride (about the equivalent of rice grains).

Brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes. Children between two and six must use the equivalent of a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Ensure that you supervise children under six years old when brushing because the younger ones are more likely to take in toothpaste.

If your child’s tooth touches each other, it’s time to start flossing between the teeth.

Healthy Eating Habits Promote Healthy Teeth

While they might be resistant, help children to consume a healthy diet. Avoid drinks that contain sugar, sweets, and other food items that increase the chance of developing dental cavities. When sugar accumulates on teeth, it may cause tooth decay.

When you begin applying our dental advice for children into practice, think about adding these kinds of food and drinks to the diet of your child every day:

  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Crunchy vegetables
  • Apples
  • Pears

Boosting Fluoride Levels

Fluoride is a common treatment to strengthen the enamel. If the enamel is hard, it’s more difficult for acid to penetrate the tooth.

The mineral fluoride is typically present in the waters we consume. However, it’s not always. If you consume water purified or if your water supply isn’t fluoridated, consult your health professional regarding a fluoride supplement. Although many kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride, the quantity is not enough to ensure the health of your child’s teeth.

Being a Good Role Model

Children naturally seek out and emulate their peers. So among the best methods to encourage good dental hygiene is to act as an example for children.

Make flossing and brushing part of your daily routine to make it feel less like something to do. Instruct your child to clean their teeth not just once every day but for a minimum of two minutes every time. Since two minutes could feel like a long time for a child, You can make an activity out of it or play an enjoyable song to keep the time going.

Scheduling Regular Dental Appointments

Your child must see the dentist at minimum twice each year. Making appointments and scheduling them regularly makes dental hygiene a priority for you and your family. Children should visit dental appointments within 6 months after having their first tooth and visit at least twice per year.

Regular visits to the dentist can make the experience less frightening. It’s beneficial to talk to the child about what they will be experiencing when they visit the dentist before going to the health clinic.

If you visit your health center in the area, make sure you mention any concerns that you might have, such as:

  • The thumb sucking
  • Tooth overcrowding
  • Losing teeth

Consult Your Health Center for More Dental Tips for Kids

In February, the month that’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, is the perfect time to start doing Advantage Care Health Centers’ dental advice for kids. When you make them an integral part of your routine, you and your family can reap the benefits of having an attractive smile.

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