Foods you can eat and not gain weight

You’re too busy taking care of your patients and other people that you don’t always look after yourself. That means you could be dependent on processed carbs to get energy when you’re starving. Foods you can eat and not gain weight

Before you eat another bagel with butter or head to the vending machine to buy chips. Think about some tasty simple-to-make meals that won’t pack on pounds.

“Food is designed to provide nourishment and perform a role that is more than just taking up the space on your plate,” said Sharon Zarabi, RD, CDN, CPT director of the bariatric program, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City, NY, and fitness trainer. “We need color, texture, and we’d like to balance our plates.

So, what should we consume? “Foods which are primarily made up of water have little calories and won’t cause blood sugar levels to rise,” Zarabi explaine.

However, you might not be able to eat an entire plate of cucumbers and celery when you’re hungry! What else are you able to take a bite of?


Certain foods have been associate with weight loss “in large part because of their ability to satisfy and stop people from eating foods which can lead to weight increase,” said Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, Clinical Medicine professor at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Tucson, AZ.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, participants shed or gained weight based on the amount they consumed of specific food items over the four-year period that was analyze.

(Not unexpectedly, people who ate potato chips or drank sweetened drinks that were sugary were overweight!) However, among those who shed weight, yogurt was among the food items they consumed (along with whole grains, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains).

When you need to eat something quick, look for yogurt. “Ideally, you should choose plain Greek yogurt that is not sweetened,” Dr. Alschuler stated. “Try Greek-style yogurt that has the addition of berries, seeds, and nuts, or unsweetened snack mix.


According to the study, people who ate a lot of vegetables also shed weight. However, don’t assume that you’re planning to eat a bland meal of rabbit food.

Dr. Alschuler suggests sprinkling parmesan cheese on cooked broccoli spreading nuts’ butter (like cashew, almond, or hazelnut) onto celery or carrot sticks adding seeds or chopped nuts on salads mixing vegetables into a drink with fruit, yogurt, or apples.

Put a pot of vegetables, such as string beans, in steamers until they’re tender. Then drizzle with sesame or coconut oil. “Season with a low salt seasoning along with spices and herbs,” Zarabi said.


In the environment of a plant-based diet that is free of processed foods or processed carbohydrates like hummus. It could basically be consum at any time,” Dr. Alschuler explained.

If you’re someone who frequently eats food items that are high in calories, snack on chips, consumes sugar-sweetened drinks and meats such as hummus. It will not aid in weight loss.

Hummus and other high-calorie healthy foods should use in place of those foods that are more weight-inducing. Hummus is best serve with raw celery and carrot sticks as well as raw zucchini spears and cucumber slices.


It is not advisable to eat six eggs. But eggs are a good source of protein and reduce hunger, according to Dr. Alschuler said. If you want to snack while on the go. She suggests boiling eggs in advance and then eating them with light salt and pepper seasoning.

 One of her favorite breakfasts can be describe as “sunshine at the meadow. This is made up of dark leafy greens, such as spinach or kale, sautee with medium heat in coconut oil.

 It is served with fried eggs cooke using the same pot. When serving, sprinkle on hot sauce, pepper, or other spices to flavor it. She suggested.

Certain fruits

Certain fruits are small in calories; they could be consume in substantial quantities if one wants to do so, Doctor.

 Alschuler said. “These are berries of all kinds, with melons, peaches (cantaloupe honeydew, cantaloupe) and papaya as well as grapefruit and apples,” she said.


It’s not a meal. However, you must drink plenty of fluids throughout your day. “Maintaining sufficient hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy weight,” Dr. Alschuler explained. “Water consumption prior to meals can help to reduce portions. It’s also linked with increase energy and lesser weight increase over time.

Ensure you have a water bottle on hand and drink it throughout the day. If you are tempte to drink more water, add lime slices or lemons or put some cucumber slices over them.

Snacks to snack on and to stay clear of

Snacking is a great way to aid in losing weight because it helps to reduce appetite, According to Dr. Alschuler.

This is what assists people in controlling their food portions at meal times which is an essential element of weight loss success,” she said. “Snacks are suppose to be filling and nutritious. The most unhealthy snacks include chips, drinks that are sweeten with sugar or sweets.

If you’re someone who likes to snack and eats constantly, then Dr. Alschuler suggests as well as Greek-style yogurt, you try raw fruit, vegetables like snap peas, pumpkin seeds with cheese sticks.

Do not eat foods that contain sugar alcohol. “There is a huge market for sugar-free foods that replace sugar by sugar alcohols,” Zarabi noted. “But not just do they have calories, but they also have negative laxative and negative effects.

Don’t be a slave to your food habits. If you are adamant about passing by the bakery you frequent with snacks; then it’s time to end this habit.

You might want to eat one of these bagel sandwiches with butter whenever you go to a bagel shop however, a bagel is of zero nutritional value. Protein and fiber are essential in your meals since these require longer digesting and help us feel satisfied,” Zarabi explained.

She said: “Learn to respect your desire for food and the fullness of your stomach that a lot of us haven’t done in a long time. In our modern society there is always a time to eat, and food is always readily available.”

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