Top 5 Ways to Get Back in Shape After Baby

Regaining your fitness after having your child’s birth doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Indeed, exercise can boost your mood too, and it’s proved to aid in reducing postnatal depression. Here are top 5 ways to get back in shape after baby.

Top 5 ways to get back in shape after baby

Begin walking:

Begin walking as shortly as you can after the birth (as your doctor approves). This can get the body active and help burn calories.

Get a fitness monitor and track your daily activities before gradually increasing your daily exercise by 10 percent each week as you become stronger.

Perform pelvic tilts and Kegels 

Perform pelvic tilts and Kegels at least up to 2 days after the delivery by the type of delivery you are having and when your doctor agrees. This can increase blood flow to the perineum and will speed up recovery.

By exhaling and bringing into your belly (which stimulates the corset-like muscle known as the transverse abdominals). You’ll build solid foundations to strengthen the abs back when your abdomen and hips begin returning to their regular positions.

Do simple crunches

Watch for a gap in your abdominals by placing your fingers just above your belly button while you press. You may have diastasis recti (abdominal dissociation) if you notice three or more fingers between your abdominals.

You may have diastasis recti (abdominal dissociation). If you have this condition. It is important to bring your abs back to one before beginning any strenuous abdominal exercise, especially rotating.

Try placing your hands either on either side of the separation. Then manually pull them closer as you do an easy crunch. This will bring your abdominal muscles to rejoin in their normal position.”

 If your separation worsens or is not getting better, consult your physician or female physical therapist who specializes in health.


Breastfeed–as if you require more reasons, it’s an easy way to shrink the uterus back to its size of pre-pregnancy. It also burns as many as 600 calories in a day!

But you have to be mindful of portions of your food, follow a healthy, balanced eating plan, and exercise, or else you’ll fall into the trap of a breastfeeding diet and then wonder why you’re still not back to your pre-pregnancy weight!

Start a program of resistance training and short intervals in cardio

Not only is it efficient for busy moms, but it also improves your metabolism and reduces the baby’s fat.

Try squatting using lunges and shoulder raises using the triceps extended. Then shuffle between sides for about a minute to increase your blood flow up.


 Lift your arms until they are shoulder-high and then bend your elbows, keeping your palms directed downwards. After that, slowly lower the rams towards the side of your body.

Your elbows should be bent close to the torso and keep your palms towards the body. The elbows should be extended behind your body. Squeezing the upper part of your arms to give them that extra jolt.

After that, bend your elbows back to the starting in the same position. This exercise will test your muscles and aid in losing weight, and get your body returning to the pre-pregnancy shape.

Get your cardio moving 

Get your cardio moving by adding hill intervals (short bursts of more intense exercises) to exercise the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Make sure to end your activity (walking or hiking, or even running) by walking lunges as well as modified push-ups that place your knees placed on the ground.

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