How to get rid of a headaches without medication

Headaches are a prevalent type of pain that can bother those who suffer from one. Instead of reaching for the over-the-counter painkillers, there’s a myriad of ways that people may try to alleviate headaches.

1. Water

Drinking enough water can help prevent headaches or lessen the severity of headaches.

So Dehydration is a possible cause of headaches that are not as severe. It could also affect how the person feels, behaves, or thinks.

A study published from the journal AntioxidantsTrusted Source states that even slight dehydration can alter the way people function and think, making them feel more ill regardless of whether they suffer from headaches.

Water may help those in this position feel better, though certain studies suggest being cautious is better.

A close examination of a study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical PracticeTrusted Source observed drinking water did not decrease the duration of headaches. However, it did make them feel better.

Being hydrated can be as easy as carrying a bottle of water around and drinking all day. Foods containing many liquids, like fruits and smoothies, and soups, can also help improve the amount of water you drink.

Cold compress

A cold compress could be a quick and easy solution to headaches which many people have in their arsenal. So Applying an ice-pack or other hard object to the neck or head could help to constrict blood vessels and lessen inflammation within the region. It can temporarily alleviate headache pain.

So the study published in Hawai’i Journal Medicine and Public HealthTrusted Source discovered that applying cold packs on the neck area for thirty minutes dramatically reduced the pain of people suffering from headaches.

3. Warm compress

For example, in other instances, like with tension headaches, in which the muscles are tight, a compress can help loosen these muscles and provide relief.

A warm compress can be just as easy as an insulated towel. So You could have the same effect by taking an icy bath or shower.

4. Take off any pressure from the head

In some instances, there may be some physical cause for headaches. Look for any sign that you are exerting excessive pressure on your head. It could be a too-tight bun or an accessory such as a headband or too long a hat.

5. Dim the lights

People who suffer from headaches develop sensitivity to light. So The bright lights in the office or the bright light coming from smartphones can worsen headaches.

It might be beneficial to relax in a dimly or darkly brightly lit space while you recover from a headache.

6. Try some teas with herbs

Herbal tea is an excellent method to include water into the diet while also reaping the advantages of other natural components.

For example, ginger tea can help in reducing migraine. A 2013 study conducted by a trusted source discovered that ginger powder has similar effects as a popular medication to reduce migraine.

A simple tea consisting of warm water and powdered ginger could assist in relieving the symptoms. Other teas that could be relaxing include lavender, peppermint, and chamomile. Lavender.

7. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to keep the body in shape and boost circulation, decreasing the likelihood of developing a headache.

So One 2018 study by the Trusted Source published in Children observed that insufficient exercise could cause headaches in teenagers. Exercise regularly and moderately can aid, like cycling or walking for 30 minutes per day.

8. Examine for food intolerances

Sometimes food intolerances could be the root cause of symptoms like headaches.

So headaches seem to manifest after eating, it could be helpful to keep a diary of what they eat every day. This will help them be aware of and avoid food items that can cause headaches.

9. Sleep

Sleeping too much can cause headaches. So Specific issues that can cause sleep disorders, headaches, and migraines. are among the most frequent types.

Insomnia, too much sleep, or not sleeping well can cause a headache for some people who haven’t fully re-energized their bodies.

So One article published in the journal trusted Source states that adults should aim to sleep between 7 to 9 hours from their SleepTrusted Source of sleep every night.

10. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a part of the tradition of Chinese medical practice. So Practitioners insert needles of small size into the skin’s surface. The goal is not to create pain but to boost the body’s natural energy.

The review published within the journal ChildrenTrusted Source mentions that studies have shown that acupuncture is a successful way to reduce migraines and tension headaches or decrease their frequency.

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